Ordering Products

You can order our products in several ways. There are ordering links under the Help menu of the trial versions of our software. There are also several links on this web site, including the product’s main information page and this page.

Electronic download orders are managed by our ecommerce partner FastSpring Inc. When you click on an order link you will be transferred to the secure APT Computer Solutions, Inc. store on the FastSpring web site. There you can pay for your order using a credit card or PayPal. Ordered products are delivered electronically and include a PDF version of the user’s guide. You can, however, also add a physical CD or a printed user’s guide to your order for an additional charge. After your order has been processed, you will receive an email containing instructions for downloading your purchased version of the program. If you have any questions or problems during the ordering process, please contact us .

For some products you can also order a physical CD through Amazon.com (U.S. only). This process includes an additional $3.99 shipping charge and the product is shipped in 1 – 2 business days.


Click on a Link Below to Go To the Appropriate Order Page


fs_buyBuy APT Golf (electronic download, $39.00, no shipping)


amazon_buyBuy APT Golf (Amazon.com, physical CD, $39.00 + 3.99 shipping)


fs_buyBuy APT Scheduler (electronic download, $39.00, no shipping)


fs_buyBuy APT Sports Scheduler (electronic download, $39.00, no shipping)