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Main window

Main Window


  • Real-time view indicates when a facility is currently reserved.
  • Organize facilities into like groups (ex. ball fields, tennis courts, etc.).
  • Easily schedule maintenance such as mowing or cleaning.
  • Recurring reservations make scheduling daily or weekly leagues easy.
  • You can export the customer database for use in mass mailing programs (including APT Mailing Assistant).
  • Reports allow you to see utilization of your resources and can be limited by time and date ranges.
  • Network ready (multiple licenses required for multiple users).


Make reservation dialog

Make a Reservation


Sports facility reservation software to help manage ball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, instructors, and even facility maintenance quickly and easily. APT Sports Scheduler is a version of our popular APT Scheduler with functions specifically designed to manage daily reservations and schedules for all types of recreation facilities. You can organize facilities into like groups with a visual representation of each facility and its current status. Reserved facilities are indicated with the customer’s name. You can easily define and schedule maintenance tasks such as mowing and cleaning. Reservations can be made for a single date, for several days, or for the same day each week. These recurring reservations are especially handy when scheduling facilities for leagues or periodic maintenance. Reservations can be viewed by facility or by customer. Reports allow you to see how your facilities are being utilized.

The multi-user version (multiple licenses required) allows networked computers to manage schedules for the same facilities without conflict.


View a days reservations

View a Days Reservations

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.
  • Approximately 2 MB disk space for program files and samples.


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