APT Sports Scheduler FAQ

What are groups?

APT Sports Scheduler organizes sports facilities into logical groups. You might group softball fields into one group, basketball courts in another, and so on; or you might group facilities by location. You can have up to 15 facilities in a group. Each group is independent from every other group and you can have as many groups as you want.

What people can reserve the facilities in a group?

All groups defined in the same disk directory (or folder) share the same people. For example, lets say you define a softball fields group and save the databases in the folder C:\NORTHSIDE. Subsequently, you define a tennis courts group and also save it’s databases in C:\NORTHSIDE. Persons defined to either of these groups can reserve both tennis courts and softball fields. If you didn’t want the softball people to also be able to reserve tennis court, you would save the databases for the tennis courts group in another folder (C:\TENNIS for example) when you created the group.

How do I reserve a facility?

In an open group you simply double click on the icon for the facility and select the time, date, and the person making the reservation. Many people who make a lot of reservations in the same group (secretaries and admins for example), leave the group open on their desktop all of the time. Since a group’s facility icons are updated in real-time, they have a continuing picture of what facilities are currently in use.

What is a recurring reservation?

This is a set of multiple reservations for the same facility, by the same person, for the same time. Recurring reservations can be made on a daily or weekly basis. For example, John Doe could reserve the same tennis court from 9:00a.m. until 10:00a.m. for the next 5 days. Or he could reserve the court at that time for the next 15 Mondays. When making a recurring reservation, in addition to the time, you are asked for a starting and ending date and a frequency (i.e. daily or weekly). Recurring reservations are very useful for scheduling leagues and periodic maintenance.

How do I schedule facility maintenance?

There is a predefined category for maintenance and it can be scheduled just like any other reservation. The two predefined maintenance items are mowing and sweeping, but you can add as many additional maintenance items as you would like.

Can I have more than one computer making reservations to the same group(s)?

Yes. While a network is not required to use APT Sports Scheduler, it is designed to work on a network and allow several computers access to group databases. It will work on a Client/Server network or a peer-to-peer network. To share groups with multiple computers, the group’s data files must be available on a shared network drive to all computers that need access. You must have an additional license for each of the networked computers running APT Sports Scheduler. For more information, see our multi-license price discount schedule.

How can I look at existing reservations?

There are several ways to view reservations. The reservation dialog will show you all of the reservations for a single facility for a day. The Day at a Glance dialog shows all of the reservations for all of a group’s facilities for a single day. You can also view all of the reservations for a specific individual. This shows all future reservations for that person for all facilities within a group.