APT Scheduler – Multi-License




The following is the purchase discount table for multiple licenses of APT Scheduler. To qualify for a multiple license, all orders must be placed by the same individual at the same time. Any problems regarding the product must be submitted by this individual, or a representative designated at the time of purchase.

Multiple license purchases also include an installation package for a “view only” version. This version can only look at reservations but make no new ones. Installations of this view only version do not count against the license limit. When ordering multiple licenses, you will receive a separate email with instructions for downloading the view only version.


Multiple License Prices


# Licenses Price
1 $39.00
2-5 $36.00 Each
6-10 $33.00 Each
11-20 $30.00 Each
21-30 $27.00 Each
over 30 $24.00 Each