APT Scheduler FAQ

What are groups?

APT Scheduler organizes resources into logical groups. For example, a group could contain all the rooms in a building, or all the equipment in a video lab, or all the items that an education department can reserve. You can have up an unlimited number of items in a group. Each group can be completely independent from every other group, including having its own set of people who can make reservations only in that group. Or you can elect to share people across a set of groups allowing the same people to reserve items in any of the shared groups. There is also no limit on the number of groups you can have.

How do I reserve a facility?

In an open group you simply double click on the icon for the facility, and select the time, date, and the person making the reservation. Many people who make a lot of reservations in the same group (secretaries and admins for example) leave the group open on their desktop all of the time. Since a group’s facility icons are updated in real-time, they have a continuing picture of what facilities are currently in use.

What is a recurring reservation?

This is a series reservations for the same facility, by the same person, for the same time. Recurring reservations can be made on a daily or weekly basis. For example, John Doe could reserve the Conference Room from 9:00a.m. until 12:00p.m. for the next 5 days. Or he could reserve the room for each Monday during a semester. When making a recurring reservation, in addition to the time of day, you are asked for a starting and ending date and a frequency (i.e. daily or weekly).

Can I have more than one computer making reservations to the same group(s)?

Yes. While a network is not required to use APT Scheduler, it is designed to work on a network and allow many computers to access a group’s databases. It will work on a Client/Server network or a peer-to-peer network. To share groups with multiple computers, make the group’s data files available on a shared network drive to all computers that need access. As with any software, you must have a separate license for each of the networked computers running APT Scheduler. For pricing information see our multi-license price discount schedule.

Can I keep some computers from making reservations?

If you purchase multiple licenses, the installation package includes both the full version of APT Scheduler and a “view only” version. The view only version allows users to look at existing reservations but not make new ones. You can install the view only version on those computers that you do not want to allow to make reservations. View only versions of APT Scheduler do not count against the number of licenses you purchased, so you can install this version on as many computers as you want.

Can I keep track of who attends a class or meeting?

When making a reservation, you can specify you want to enter a list of people who are attending. This attendee list can be modified after the reservation is made so that attendees may be added or removed. If this is a recurring reservation, you can specify that the attendee list is associated with all of the reservations being made. This is ideal for specifying a class roster when scheduling a class for a semester.