How many golfers can I track with APT Golf?

APT Golf has no limit on the number of golfers you can track. Scores, handicaps and statistics are kept for each golfer in the database. You can track scores and view statistics for each individual golfer.

Can I enter 9 hole rounds?

No. APT Golf currently only supports 18 hole rounds.

Do I have to enter course information for my course before I can record a round?

Yes. Before you can enter a round played on a course, information about the course (i.e. rating, slope, per hole yardage and pars) must be in the APT Golf local course database. Information about a course can come from copying the course from the extensive APT Golf Master Course database or from manually entering the course. You only need to do this once for a course. Once it is in the local course database, it will be there for any future rounds played. APT Golf uses this information to calculate the handicap for the round and to track detail statistics.

I only want to enter my total score when entering my rounds, will APT Golf still calculate a handicap for me?

Yes. APT Golf will calculate your handicap and some basic statistics for these rounds. However, more extensive statistics such as fairways hit and greens in regulation cannot be kept for these rounds because they require information that is entered as you play each hole.

I want to keep my scores for each hole, but I don’t want to enter everything APT Golf wants (fairways hit, putts, etc.). Is that OK?

Absolutely. When entering your scores on each hole, the only required information is the number of strokes. Although APT Golf’s intelligent data entry makes it easy to enter most of the additional information, everything but the score on a hole is optional. Remember, however, that the more information you enter about a round, the more robust your statistics will be. Most golfers find that analyzing information such as greens hit in regulation, fairways hit with their drive, and number of putts per hole allow them to recognize areas of their game that need improvement. Often a golfer’s scoring improves simply by recognizing the parts of their game that are causing higher scores.

We use a points scoring system where points are earned for various scores on a hole, is that supported?

Yes. Support is included to allow you to set up how many points are to be earned for each eagle, birdie, par, etc. and APT Golf will keep track of the points earned for each round entered.

What if I want to keep scores for all golfers of a league where we want the handicaps to start over each year?

APT Golf has an option to delete all rounds for a particular calendar year. This allows you to remove all rounds for the previous league year and start over. While USGA rules use the last 20 rounds a golfer plays to calculate a handicap, irrespective of the year, some leagues want to use only the current year’s rounds.

Our league runs for only 15 weeks and the standard USGA handicapping rules would only use a few of these rounds to calculate a handicap. Can I change this?

Yes. While the default is to use USGA rules when selecting the rounds used for calculating handicaps, APT Golf gives you two other options that are especially useful for shorter golf leagues. In addition to the normal USGA calculation you can also calculate handicaps using all rounds that have been played, or calculate handicaps using the half of the rounds played with the lowest handicap differential. However, in no case will more than the last 20 rounds be used.