Software for Tracking Golf Scores and Handicaps

APT Golf SoftwareSimple, easy to use software for tracking golf scores, handicaps, and other statistical information that can help improve your game. Handicaps are calculated using USGA rules with variations available for short leagues. When entering rounds, you can choose to enter only the total score or to enter the score for each hole you played. In addition to your score, you can keep track of putts, fairways hit, and greens hit in regulation. Keep as much or as little information as you like.

APT Golf can keep track of as many golfers as you want, there is no limit. Use it just for yourself or keep records for your friends as well. Use it for all the golfers in a league and teams within the league. Handicaps and statistics are kept separately for each golfer. Flexibility with the handicap calculation is provided for leagues that don’t want to play a lot of rounds before a handicap is calculated. Handicaps are calculated for 18 hole rounds only.

Over 10,000 courses are available in our course database and you can easily add your own. Where appropriate, non-U.S. course distances can be kept in meters.

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