Windows Update Problem

In early May, 2017 Microsoft released an incorrect Windows 10 update that broke a function used by many programs. This bug exists only in certain versions of Windows 10. APT Golf uses this function to allow users to specify dates for various items, including the date a round was played and limiting reports to certain date ranges. On various APT Golf dialogs these date fields will appear a two slashes (i.e “//”) instead of an actual date. You will not be able to type a date into the field. However, the good news is the date field will still work by clicking on the down arrow and selecting the date you want. The date will still not display but the date you select will be used by APT Golf.

This bug has been fixed in the cumulative Windows 10 update released in early June. APT Golf users need not do anything but apply the update. The dates in APT Golf will begin to appear again after the update has been applied.